Hold your breath, Jio is doing it again. It is going to offer you something, that you may not even have imagined. This is not a free offer, but it is bigger than that. It is a 4G phone at throwaway price.
Jio will soon launch budget 4G phones. One model is expected to be priced at Rs 900 while the other at Rs 1500.

These feature phones will be supported by 4GVoLTE. It will have a 2.4 inch screen with a keypad. It will come with a rear camera. It can safely be termed as poor man’s smartphone.

Users will be able to use high-speed internet data on the phone. Tests for the phone are on. It is likely to take on Nokia 3310.

At launch, Jio is likely to offer free data with the phone.

Reliance Jio to launch VoLTE feature phone with free voice calls to acquire millions of customers in India.
The VoLTE feature phones will have a keypad, front-facing and rear cameras and will run on a lighter version of Android operating system. These handsets will come with Jio’s content applications such as Jio Chat, Live TV and video on demand. Jio will push its digital wallet service, Jio Money Wallet, through these feature phones.

“Jio wants to tap all the segments in the country and sees huge potential in the rural areas, which it now aims to tap with VoLTE feature phones…The new devices will be aimed at first-time data users. “The 2G feature phone is still a big market in India,” a source was quoted as saying by the publication.

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