How To Pass & Get Success  In Exams In Today’s Social Influence

Hehehhee You Mean, you can pass in our social sites addicted world….
First Apply these great tips first:-

1-Deactivate Your Facebook account & other social sites,if you really want to excel in your exams.It’s hard to do,but it is true in todays world.

But you can switch on your whatsapp account for notes suggestions from friends,and give mobile to parents or brother and sisters,Hehehe but before doing that make sure you told your bfs and gfs not to text or call…sillyy???❤??

I m giving you these cute tips but really these will be effective you know..

2-While reading in night you can listen music or watch comedy shows by taking 5 mins break in every 30 mins studytime.

3-Use notes to simplify your study,but prepare these notes before exams in your regular class study. 

Most of us know this thing but very few implement these things.

4-If you have to memorise something just wake up in morning time after 3 am,and give regular snooze alarms in this time,so that if you want to take a nap bw your morning study time,you wake up also.

If you can’t wakeilup then play after 4 pm to 5 pm at evening time,after that memorise what you want for 2 hours,may be 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

These tips above will help you in memory in a great manner,but i will prefer you for morning time.

A little play makes mind healthy,so i suggest parents to give your kid sometime to play,so that they remain healthy in all manner for exams and study.

Pressure releases greatly in such kind of preparation…

Above 4 tips are bold and beautiful tips if you want a real success in exams.

In internet and real life you will get many tips but in todays world social sites & stress are more for kids and college students,but a little play and remain untouched to social sites during examtime,will really give you healthy preparation during exam time and excel..

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