How to Earn MoNeY In Millions From Facebook Page.

Following steps will help you earn In Millions From Facebook Page.

Step1: After your page is up and ready provide a a professional look

Update profile picture or logo, Cover Image, possibly with a call to action(eg. “Get your free download today”), A short “about” section(make it short and catchy), website url, 5 And other useful details (More info=More credibility)

STEP 2: Like attract likes (Click invite friends to leverage your own network.)

You need to invite some people, to get started. Invite all your friends, not all will like, but still do that.

Step 3: Include your Facebook link everywhere.

Email, twitter Instagram, website, blogs. One tip, add one click like on website on blog. Add a one line telling what your fan page helps them with.

​​Step4: Create awesome content. Then keep doing it
This is what most of the marketers forget after making a page, they forget that the main objective of the page is to make your content reach your audience, it is the content that motivates your fans to know, share, buy, or refer your product or service. What most of the marketers focus is likes.

Be more focused on your customer, business will automatically follow.

Mind it! You need awesome content for your audience to like you. Okay?

So build great content.

This is how I started with my content.

The content went viral and we received our first 1000 likes

What should be your content?

Well, that depends on what is your product.

Like similar pages as your, see what they are doing, what they are not doing. Do research and make your own strategy.

May be you wanna keep your page serious like Humans of New York, or funny like faking news, or witty like Acid Aunty. Decide what all kind of posts you will be making

Videos? Blogs? Images? Product promotion?

On my page which is related to education services we follow this:

  • Product promotion
  • Puzzles
  • Work and study related jokes
  • Educational Video
  • Blogs related to professional growth
  • Live chats with career counselors (Received very warm response for this)
  • Run Ads
  • Contest and promotion (once in three months)

Do you see the common theme above? Yes, it is Engagement!!

Suggest you make a Facebook post calendar, figure out best time to post and act accordingly

We add a lot of creativity in what every we do, this page just has 2​5​000​+​ likes but the post engagement is truly awesome. ​Some of the non-sponsored posts are getting more than 100 likes.

To make an awesomely engaging social media page you need to understand social psychology of people, what they like, share and buy on social media.

Also, understand how social media algorithms work and how you can make them work for your post or page.

These things are really interesting to learn and implement. For now I will keep this answer limited to scope of this question.

Step 5: The lesser explored: Facebook Groups!

Trust me this can rock your Facebook world to get traction.​ Create your own group,which helps you to add special offers. People create items using their product and post in the group, excellent live example of how your customers become your promoters :D​

​​​My 2cents, If you are into services industry, try this worked awesome for me:.

  • Join all the relevant groups on Facebook. If you are handling your page and groups from your personal account(which is advisable) please not that you follow Facebook best practices. Meaning: Do not spam.
  • Join relevant groups. Less than 30 in number in a day. Once admin accepts your joining request then add more groups next day.
  • Stick to guidelines of the group. Engage with the group. Be a real person not a spammer. Share post from your page in the group, give free stuff from page, run contest. Humbly invite people to like your page, don’t be pushy.
  • Share your posts(get your team to do this) on Facebook groups on daily basis (share only in less than 30 groups, else you will banned ) offer them a deal to pull them to your page (may be run a contest, which says like, tag, share.. on this page.)

You might argue that running ads is a better option, and I would say yes it is. But then if you have low budget and you are focus is on to get people who will engage with your page instantly then, groups is better.

Note: Facebook keeps a track of your activities if you appear to be a spammer, you will be immediately put on temporarily banned status, and latter may lead to permanent banning of account.

Business are getting huge website traffic through social media. Facebook groups seconds this contribution after fan pages.

Step 6: Facebook Ads

It is a huge topic in itself, we will discuss the details in some other question. Broadly (depend on your objective need choose your objective):

  • On Page Ad: Boost post from page
  • Off Page Ad: Run ads right away

You can reach below audience:

  • Your fans
  • Friends of fans
  • Email id list​​
  • Custom audience through keyword targeting

Where are these shown:

  • News feed (with a sponsored mark)
  • Right hand-side of the news feed

Page post ads:

Until you run Facebook ads your page will only be visible to 10 to 15 % of your fans. So, if you wish to hit news feed of maximum of your fans then you need to run these ads. Works really awesome if you have highly targeted (whose intent of purchase is high) people as your fans.

STEP7: The real secret of success: Engagement!!

Facebook likes are of less use. Engagement is a more important matrix.


Because you can get millions of people to like your page, but facebook’s selfish algorithm will hide your posts from everyone and will only show it to most engaged users.

It is a myth that more likes means more business. More likes means, people might see you as a big and old brand. More business comes from Quality Content and More Reach.

I will give you an example of my own Facebook fan page, the organic reach is 1% to 2% (if the post has moderate level of engagement). That means although I have 25000 fans, not every one sees my post. Yes there may be different people seeing different posts and over all with more likes you may be reaching more than 2% of people, but it is certainly not more than 15% (google the survey results they will confirm this) of people who like your page unless you promote.

In a nut shell, after you get you get a decent number of likes say 10000, using step1,2,3, 4, 5 and 6. Focus only and only on creating great content. More you engage with your audience sooner you will attain business objective. Likes will automatically follow.

Step ​8​: Make analytics your best friend.

See what is working for you, repeat those things. What is not working, improvise those things.

My findings:

  • Free Ebooks was working wonders for my career counseling page.
  • Puzzles were getting maximum comments
  • Witty jokes were max shared
  • Post including comparison between two career paths were the viral rock-stars
  • Videos sadly didn’t do really well
  • Blogs had less likes but more reach (may be a lot of people clicked hence reach was more)

I repeated what worked and improvised on what didn’t.

While running targeted ads study your audience well. Facebook ads after recent changes is working awesome for many marketers, including me. I am earning 8 $ for every 1$ spent for my business.

Other tips to keep in mind:

  • Why do you create a fan page? Because they spend a lot of time on social media and you can be friends with them there.
  • But there is lot of noise on Facebook? But as a marketer it is your job to cut the noise with your creative and strategic approach.
  • How many post should I make daily? I would say choose quality before quantity, 3 to 15 post in a week is good.
  • How many likes I must have to get business? I got my first conversion of INR 100000 when there were just 500 likes. Remember it is more about engagement and less about likes. We had great product, epic content and awesome engagement.
  • What else can I do? You can be more creative, run quizzes, puzzles, live chats, organize events, give free bees.

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