Best Android Root Tools to Get Root Access with or without Computer



Root your Android device in a matter of seconds. … KingRoot is an application that lets you root your Android device in a matter of seconds, as long as you have an operating system between Android 4.2.2 and Android 7.1. … KingRoot is an excellent way to root your Android device.

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2.SuperSU Pro Root App

SuperSU Pro: SuperSU (Stands for super super user) is a root access app for Android, which can grant or deny access to root whenever any app requests root access. It will record your choice and allow those apps to access root without prompting. It also makes a log of root accesses of rooted Android devices. This Android root app is a good choice to help you root without PC.


Root access prompting, logging, and notifications.

Temporarily unroot or completely unroot your phone or tablet.

Work even when Android is not properly booted.

Wake on prompt.

Work as system app.

Accesses it by dialing *#*#1234#*#* or *#*#7873778#*#* from the dialer even it is hidden from the launcher.

Selectable themes Dark, Light, Light- Dark Actionbar, and Default device.

Selectable icons for the Android root app.


Smooth Android root app, no extra load on CPU.

No advertisement.

Can be hidden.

Small in size, just 2.2MB space.

Root without PC.


  • You cannot lock the app with a pin, but this feature is added in the Pro version which is a paid version of this app.

Download SuperSU Pro from Google Play Store>>

 Download SuperSU Pro from Google Play Store>>


3.Superuser X [L] Root App

It is an Android root app designed for experienced people or developers, newbies or amateurs are advised to stay away from this app. This app permits all the apps to access roots once the binary file gets installed, you can also remove this app after that. Hence, you won’t get any pop ups asking for the permission to access the root, those pop ups might be irritating for you if you use plenty of rooted apps for Android. Using this app you can stay away from that irritation to root without PC freely.


You will be getting the root access even if this app is uninstalled or gets corrupted once the binary file gets installed.

You can also uninstall the app after installing the binary file. Hence, you can save memory space.

Gives root access to every app without prompting for permission which can save your time, memory and CPU.

Root without PC.


The rooted Android app is designed for developers and experienced user, if you feel secure by giving the root access by prompting for it, then the root app is not for you.

If you are in a habit of downloading and installing random rooted apps for Android from the web, then the app is not for you. You might brick your rooted Android phone in that case.

Free version of this app shows some ads, to get rid of that, you should purchase the paid version.

This root app for Androidis currently available for those Android devices which are running on the ARM processor.

The Android root app is based on command line interface. Graphical user interface is not provided.

Download Superuser X [L] from Google Play Store>>



KingoRoot – The Best One Click Android Root Apk/Software for Free.

KingoRoot, both PC and APK version, offers the easiest and fastest Android rooting experience for almost all devices and has the highest success rate.
5.Using FramaRoot

This is the top-most app which comes on Rank 1 when we talk about rooting any phone without PC. This APK is still best APK ever to root any mobile without PC/Computer. This app has rooted thousands of devices which support its exploits. This app is a must try for every phone.

6.Using Universal Android Root:

This app is very popular among geeks for purpose of rooting their phone without pc. Just download this apk and install in your android phone and you are ready to go. This is one of best rooting apk undoubtedly which you can give a shot. If you are unable to root your android mobile using Framaroot, then you must give this app a try once.


7.Using Z4Root

This app is one of the oldest apps to root android without computer without any risk of hard brick of android mobile. If you own an android phone from a good brand like HTC, Sony, Motorola and Samsung, then this APK is probably the best to root your android phone without computer. This apk has success rate of 99% on all devices of Samsung Galaxy S series.


8.Using Baidu Root

BaiduRoot is one of popular app which is available for both PC and mobile to root android phone. BaiduRoot can root almost every device (According to them, BaiduRoot supports more than 6000 devices currently). Moreover, Baidu Root has its own su permission app which is different from SuperSU (SuperSU is offered by other root APKs available for android phone).




Best offline and online rooting method,but may be they want money for root,but reliable one method.


One Click Root is the smartest android rooting software available. Just one click and you can root your android device to harness its full potential.


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